Maciver-Ek Chevroulet: Skumfidus
5 aug 20212 okt 2021


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Have you ever thought about using isolation foam for a vase or furniture? we definitely didn’t, but the result is indeed interesting and eye-catching! The swiss architect duo Maciver-Ek Chevroulet is presenting Skumfidus at their very first exhibition in Denmark. Low and long vases, high vases, vases that might be stools, tables that be vases, and of course, a much-needed chaise long and its ottoman created out of purple insolation foam. Foam is nowadays the most used material in the construction industry. It can take any shape, be hard enough to carry a whole house, or expandable to fill any mouse hole. Still, its strange texture and the lovely candy colors are never visible!

Maciver-ek Chevroulet explores the unexpected potential of this overlooked material. smooth as velvet, hard as concrete, and light as a feather. by stacking foam plates, a family of different shaped objects has been created for the exhibition. The clean architect office where Maciver-Ek Chevroulet normally work has been turned into a candy-colored cave for months. a bit of insolation was stolen from the construction site to produce one more prototype. Cut, hack, melt, glue, bite, scratch, a purple cloud floated in the atelier from the hot-wire cutting. Sitting in the not-yet-so-comfortable mock-ups of the chaise longs, the artist’s almost felt as if in an opium den. An escape from the never-ending building projects they normally work with and into the quick and free world of foam.

The architect duo found an awkwardness in the fact that to reach a sustainable future, we build and live in plastic. Skumfidus celebrates this contradiction, finally inviting foam to the stage, pushing its incredible formal possibilities to a joyful lavender explosion. anyone else dreaming of a slice of skumfidus for dessert?



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Maciver-Ek Chevroulet: Skumfidus
5 aug 20212 okt 2021


'Maciver-Ek Chevroulet: Skumfidus'