Lucy Teasdale og Jon Pilkington: Submerged Histories
14 okt 202120 nov 2021

Lucy Teasdale: 1848, 2020

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Lucy Teasdale’s sculptures span a range of different subject matter. From historical references and monumentalizing (1848 and Spanning the Globe); to the idea of heroism (In the Dark Woods) and the more formal qualities of sculpture. There is, additionally in these works an underlying reference to the absurd. The absurdity, for example, of going nowhere (both physically and perhaps also idealistically) in 1848, or the precarity of the base in Two Flighting Men.

Teasdale’s works are also concerned with the more formal elements of traditions sculpture: namely balance and instability. Both Two Fighting Men and Cinderella’s Ball include elements of a child’s stacking toy. Playfully alluding to the significance and technical imperative of balance in sculpture. Teasdale also incorporates more natural elements into her works and the tension between the lightness of the subject matter and the physicality and weight of the materials. The past and present are brought together: reflected in the disparate medium of both traditional bronze casting and the modern, synthetic compound material of Acrystal.

Jon Pilkington’s paintings, like Teasdale’s sculptures also contain displaced references to history and popular culture. He closes in on the details of these objects and imagery, creating an intimacy with the subject matter and studying its more formal qualities; therein reducing the associations to culture and taste.

His compositions include fleeting yet obfuscated references, including football and collectible crockery. These ephemera now repeated onto the canvas, together with other more organic forms, transform as they are resituated into a fine art context. Sometimes these figures are recognisable and other times they have been reduced to a mere shape or field of colour, resulting in a patchwork of both the abstract and figurative on a single canvas. These motifs are layered on top of each other like a double exposure, with these ease and fluidity of an accomplished painter, weaving colour and texture in between.

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Lucy Teasdale og Jon Pilkington: Submerged Histories
14 okt 202120 nov 2021


'Lucy Teasdale og Jon Pilkington: Submerged Histories'