Louise Foo & Martha Skou: Annalemma
30 sep 202321 okt 2023

FOO/SKOU. Foto: Rikke Flensberg

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Bricks Gallery is proud to announce “Annalemma” – an exhibition by Louise Foo & Martha Skou opening September 30th.

The duo, known collaboratively as Foo/Skou, has been working together for a decade. They have garnered significant attention, exhibiting their large-scale interactive installations worldwide. Notably, their work has been showcased at the MAD Museum in NYC, where both artists have also resided, as well as in Danish institutions such as Nikolaj Kunsthal, Trapholt, and Planetarium.

The title for this exhibition is inspired by the solar analemma, an 8-shaped diagram that traces the sun’s movement in the sky over a year. “Annalemma” offers an intimate dialogue about light, movement, sound, vibration, matter, order, and chaos.

Foo has worked with the physics of sound as a co-creator, utilizing vibrating Chladni plates and mathematical figures of musical harmonies. This exploration has led to the creation of an interactive pendulum installation and experiments with capturing sound visually in mediums such as copper, glass, embroidery, cyanotypes, and UV-reactive dyes. On the other hand, Skou works intuitively, translating the abstraction of sound into movement. She delves deep into her ongoing textile process, revealing colours and textures by extracting fibers and manipulating hues. Drawing inspiration from soundpainting – a multi-disciplinary sign language used for real-time compositions – Skou has crafted a series of ceramic pieces that explore the potential of the unexpected. These are envisioned as visual music.

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Louise Foo & Martha Skou: Annalemma
30 sep 202321 okt 2023


'Louise Foo & Martha Skou: Annalemma'