Learning from A.N.A
10 jan 20199 feb 2019

SixtyEight Art Institute has invited the art and design work group, The Winter Office (TWO) to organize a research-based exhibition looking to the state and standing of artist-run spaces in Copenhagen; with the vision to foreground new and critical approaches between creativity, urban planning, and development for the future of artistic spaces in the city. TWO is an artist group and work network consisting of artists, curators, architects, designers and social scientists who are either based in or connected to Copenhagen.

Boy with insect sprayer, 2015. Courtesy of Nina J Gallery, Copenhagen. Photo by THE WINTER OFFICE, 2019.

The Winter Office will be conducting urban planning and artistic research during a month-long exhibition at SixtyEight Art Institute. To this end, the Copenhagen-based artistic group has invited the artist-run space, Astrid Noack’s Atelier (A.N.A) to act as the anchor and patron subject of our exhibition. For this reason, the installation at SixtyEight titled, _ Learning from A.N.A will include several sculptural artworks by Astrid Noack (1888-1954). The installation hopes to frame how artists produce diverse forms of urbanism and space, but also that through the research and an eventual report to be made, the group will examine how artist-run spaces can help clarify the uses/value/need of creative space in future urban planning.

TWO has in addition invited other artist-run spaces in the greater Copenhagen area to share written answers based on their spatial ‘footprint’ in the city and exchange knowledge about their use and experience of their spaces. The work group will also develop a ready-made podcasting studio – that will come together during five separate sessions to record interviews and facilitated by Lise Grüner Bertelsen, curator of the exhibit for The Winter Office with Charlotte Præstegaard Schwartz curator of A.N.A and artists Kirsten Dufourand Finn Thybo Andersen who together on behalf of A.N.A will serve as hosts of the podcast sessions.

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Learning from A.N.A
10 jan 20199 feb 2019


'Learning from A.N.A'