Kyriaki Goni: Networks of Trust
6 maj 202218 jun 2022

Kyriaki Goni: The Flag of Networks of Trust on Tilos island, 2019. Courtesy of the Artist.

Kyriaki Goni’s Networks of Trust (2019) is an assembly of fossil remains of a dwarf elephant and an artificial intelligence system that becomes an allegory for the genesis of networks in the Aegean archipelago and the Mediterranean Sea. Collective existence, connection, encounter and synergies are at the epicentre of this narrative.

The exhibition aims to expand notions of insular, remote, or localist existence and imagination flourishing from the island (both as reality and metaphor). Using these concepts to touch sharply on the future of networks and connectivity. Challenging regimes of truth in favour of democracies of trust. Here, the Aegean Sea, from its ancient origins to today’s social and economic dynamics, acts as a protagonist through which we can build potential futures to further spaces of movement and relationality. In the installation at SixtyEight visitors can access and use the node on site to share their own stories of amelioration and regeneration promoted by future networks, climate solutions, and mobility justice.

In using fiction as a method for community building, these networks of trust are accessible by proximity to the host server and indexed as cryptographic hashes on the website of the installation at SixtyEight Art Institute. The offline network is combined with technologies such as P2P and the Interplanetary File System (IPFS) in order to create a self-organised and distributed data storage system, resilient to potential censorship and control.

The presentation of Networks of Trust in Copenhagen will support Goni’s ongoing artistic research and introduce her practice to new local audience-networks in Copenhagen. But most importantly, this exhibition aims at creating parallel or contrasting connections with the social, economic and environmental specificities of the islandic life experienced in the Nordic region.

You are invited to visit the installation, share your stories on potential futures, and explore the possibilities given in the creation of new and self-organised network territories as proposed by the artist.

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Kyriaki Goni: Networks of Trust
6 maj 202218 jun 2022


'Kyriaki Goni: Networks of Trust'