Kristoffer Kjærskov: Hypnagogia
13 nov 20218 jan 2022

Foto: Kristoffer Kjærskov,

Anbefalet under Det skal du se! uge 45.

Many psychologists have described daydreaming as a task-unrelated activity, in the context of which the dreamer tends to focus on their inner life rather than on the outside environment. Memories, plans, images and thoughts are called onto the scene, and their fabric either further sewn together or unfolded into new configurations. Despite being awake and in a state of consciousness, dream-like images extend into a subjective landscape of representations, squeezing their empire in between the person and their surrounding reality.

The wandering mind thus creates its own niche, knitting and fitting together bits and pieces out of its sensual archives of wishes, desires, fears and experiences. It meditates on a patchwork of imaginations; it goes wandering on a path of hypothetical events, whereas others are neglected or excluded, and it climbs into the meshes of connected possibilities. In the niche, events from past, present, and future are intertwined. The dreamer holds onto past events in the mode of the imaginary, memories are repeated and their order revised. Shifting colours beneath this new guise, they give way to further creations of the mind. Daydreaming, in this sense, preserves and produces at the same time.

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Kristoffer Kjærskov: Hypnagogia
13 nov 20218 jan 2022


'Kristoffer Kjærskov: Hypnagogia'