Kevin Josias: Live fast, young diet
6 maj 202112 jun 2021

Kevin Josias: LIVE FAST YOUNG DIET, 2021. Foto: Katrine Morel, Josephine Jein & Kevin Josias.

Live fast young diet is the mindful spatial counterpart to video calls, louche pin-striped slacks, and pr executives. the installation invites you to revitalize yourself to focus and notice the state of your energetic field, your mental health, and your wealth. Encounter yourself in your own space in a room of lit candles, neat and pure, cleansing and calming, carried by a holder from another dimension, created from molten metal, dirty and smoky but equally as soothing. Unarm yourself and release the tension by giving in to the sound of a guided meditation filling the space, just as you give in to the guided temptations of life.

Kevin Josias reflects on a 2020s zeitgeist that glorifies prosperity and success as well as being able to invite higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness. the question is if these propose a common goal? He draws on the personal experiences (from “live” and digital) with self-care, world care, and self-fix practicing such as yoga, acupuncture, and meditation. Kevin has been teaming up with friends for the different exhibition elements such as candle casting, meditation and soundscape which emphasize the almost altruistic abilities developed by a devotion to taking care of the spiritual wellbeing on a personal level.

For the exhibition, Josias created works in cast aluminum, fabric, and plastics – materials industrialized to perfection to advance our physical standards of living. These merge with the handmade candle lights made from natural beeswax that evoke slow pace and tranquility, but also act as keys to dimensional doors. The presented pieces express a confusing array of high-level consciousness iconography that imply personal development and awareness while they also help another question rise: when accepting the powers of spirituality, do we also open a gate to a world of negative and destructive powers?

Working with tableau for the exhibition, flowers enter the setting as ceremonial artifacts in the altar-like environment. Along the line of the other prayer supply abstractions, arranged around the exhibition space, the symbolism of the single flowers is contributing to an atmosphere that encourages the visitor to create a personal mindful investigation.



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Kevin Josias: Live fast, young diet
6 maj 202112 jun 2021


'Kevin Josias: Live fast, young diet'