Johanne Rude Lindegaard: Leave It Open
1 sep 20236 okt 2023

Johanne R Lindegaard

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The upcoming solo exhibition with Johanne Rude Lindegaard is a tribute to the very abstract and boundless composition. Celebrating a non-directional and endless idiom based on an artistic process that allows the compositions to remain open and dynamic. As if something is simultaneously about to fall apart or come together. The works position themselves between the illusion of depth versus the concrete materiality of the physical paint and canvas. A visual paradox arises here, raising more questions than it provides answers. In this way, the works invite an open reflection in the encounter with the viewer.

In addition to the swirling compositions, Johanne works with the infinite grid. Here, the works relate to the limited canvas field against the eternal horizontal and vertical lines and the intersections they create upon layers of abstract symphony.

Johanne’s artistic process is intuitive but determined. The process allows the physical canvas to remain bare and untouched in some spots relative to the other fine treated areas of the same canvas. In doing so, Johanne attempts to reveal the entire process on the canvas and highlight the vulnerable place in her artistic process before the composition materializes and the artwork itself become alive. In other words, to stop the process and let go as soon as the artwork starts breathing.

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Galleri Weinberger Schandorff

Esplanaden 8D, 1263 Kbh K

Tors-fre 12-17
Lør 12-15
Søn-ons åben efter aftale

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Johanne Rude Lindegaard: Leave It Open
1 sep 20236 okt 2023


'Johanne Rude Lindegaard: Leave It Open'