Jens Axel Beck: Circle in the Sand
6 jan 20233 feb 2023

Sidste chance

The Circular is a recurring element in the exhibition’s works, and the circle as an allegory for the flow of time has led to the exhibition title Circle in the Sand. The title is taken from Belinda Carlisle’s long-outdated 1987 pop hit.

The exhibition is a series of reflections on time that are forever seeping, in a world where we have to settle for having our own expiry date in sight. Within this horizon, the works also deals with the individual as a singularity that is hung up on the systems of society. Structures which you often simply have to rotate along with, as they are difficult to influence, all the while one seeks to give his or hers rotation a certain spiritual substance.

The pop song Circle in the Sand is yet another in the line of pop culture’s eternally simple love songs, perhaps as banal as our pursuit of everyday necessities, like over-the-counter drugs and Matador Mix. The song is about a moment in time, when two individuals meet in the experience of endless love, which, however, has been brought to an end, and now only lives in the memory of it. The story of something that once was and is no more is embodied in the New Shelter Plan KIOSK exhibition space. The place is no longer a kiosk but an exhibition venue, which exudes the function of the past, traces that will slide into the exhibition and play tricks on the exhibited works and vice versa.

Kilde: KIOSK


Hovedvejen 7C
2000 Frederiksberg, Denmark

Tors – Lør: 11.00 – 16.00

Jens Axel Beck: Circle in the Sand
6 jan 20233 feb 2023


'Jens Axel Beck: Circle in the Sand'