Fritz Bornstück: Flight Mode
20 aug 202026 sep 2020

Fritz Bornstück’s new paintings and ceramic works on display at Galerie Mikael Andersen depict a-temporal landscapes, which serve as a stage for an orgy of garbage, overgrown with lush vegetation. The interconnected scenes range from coastal landscapes to tropical forests to neo-classical architecture. Mundane and nostalgic objects, for instance an old gramophone or a helicopter, are the protagonists. Undeniably playful, Bornstück’s paintings also display an uncanny sense of abandonment, inviting the viewer to get lost in the past, present and possible futures.

The artist in his studio

Bornstück paints like a bricoleur, collecting various materials from different contexts and bringing them together to create something new in a slow process of painting, overpainting and collage. The artist often makes intuitive decisions and frequently lets the painting itself take the lead: Go and dig a hole here, pile something up over there, break a window, plant a tree; scrape off this paint, overpaint that. If one looks closely, the individual layers reveal themselves, making Bornstück’s process tangible.

Fritz Bornstück (b. 1982) studied at the Universität der Künste, Berlin. His work can be found in various international collections, including the Arken Museum, Denmark.

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Fritz Bornstück: Flight Mode
20 aug 202026 sep 2020


'Fritz Bornstück: Flight Mode'