Frederikke Jul Vedelsby
20 maj 20222 jul 2022

Frederike Jul Vedelsby: Zynthia (Toti and Dvergasteinn), 16 mm film transferred to video, 02:11 min, video still, 2022. courtesy the artist and matteo cantarella, copenhagen.

The exhibition marks the inaugural show of the gallery, and the second solo presentation by the artist in Denmark, following SEE GIRLS, an exhibition by Frederikke Jul Vedelsby at Kunsthal Kongegaarden (Korsør, Denmark) in 2021. For her first exhibition at the gallery, Vedelsby presents a significant new installation comprising works from her recent residency at LungA in Seyðisfjörður, Iceland.

Working across drawing, 16mm film and writing, the work of Frederikke Jul Vedelsby examines access to alternative states of consciousness and constructs a visual vocabulary that investigates ways of feeling and seeing. In approaching materials as something irregular and undetermined, Vedelsby’s standpoint allows for the unpremeditated to emerge. She often recurs to film as a vehicle to trace the unpredictable connections that come to being between people and objects – the situations, dialogues and emotional release arising from these encounters feed the artist with an urgency to create spaces for contact and connections.

In her ongoing series of drawings, Vedelsby attempts to reorganise feelings and impulses within her body in a rhythmic state of creation. She refers to her works as complex organisms which resist the urge of analysis and are assembled by the artist through various forms of movements and repetitions. It is in their irregularities that Vedelsby traces the imprints and the slippages of the forgotten, of the somatic and the verbal, of the conscious and the unconscious.

Kilde: Matteo Cantarella

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Frederikke Jul Vedelsby
20 maj 20222 jul 2022


'Frederikke Jul Vedelsby'