Frederik Nystrup-Larsen: The Private Collection
14 aug 202022 aug 2020

“My exhibition titled The Private Collection is an installation of sculptures posing as chapters in my own autobiography. Staged as a domestic diorama, each piece is delivered visually and verbally, with exaggerated rhetorics that make the audience question the authenticity hereof. And of myself. The intention is to reveal the artist and the degree show as an act of self-promotion. The exhibition contains a collection of eight sculptures imitating readymades accompanied by eight poetic tall tales disguised as factual descriptions. It’s all true. It’s all lies.” – Frederik Nystrup-Larsen, 2020

Frederik Nystrup-Larsen: Strawberry Businees, 2020. Bronze, wood, jesmonite, fiberglass, 167x100x15cm. Courtesy of V1 and the artist.

Eighteen and V1 Gallery have collaborated with Frederik Nystrup-Larsen (born 1992) and his partner in art Oliver Sundqvist (born 1991) for the past two years. In 2019 they created the poetic exhibition Soft Boxing at Eighteen, a pop-up conceptual sculptural supermarket, Off Licence Cash Only, in central Copenhagen during CHART Art Fair, and a magnificent giant blanket fort for Roskilde Festival, outside Copenhagen, in collaboration with Tuborg, the architects Spacon & X and the galleries. The talented enterprising duo has a unique approach to their process, craft and artwork, an almost DIY anarchist flatline philosophy, where formal hierarchies only have value if transgressed. Nystrup-Larsen is set to participate in his first museum exhibition, FED LER (“fat clay”) at Gl. Holtegaard, Denmark, opening on August 27, 2020. Nystrup-Larsen completed his MA at The Royal College of Art, sculpture department, London, in June 2020.

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Frederik Nystrup-Larsen: The Private Collection
14 aug 202022 aug 2020


'Frederik Nystrup-Larsen: The Private Collection'