Frederik Nystrup-Larsen & Oliver Sundqvist: 300 KG BEAUTY BATH
17 apr 20215 jun 2021

Frederik Nystrup-Larsen & Oliver Sundqvist: 300kg Beauty Bath, 2021. Foto: Anders Sune Berg.

300kg Beauty Bath was created on the occasion of The Mindcraft Project 2021. This year the exhibition could only take place in digital space. Now the monumental object is installed in V1 Gallery II, surrounded by four 8 KG Facelift sculptures.

300kg Beauty Bath represents a shifting point in the collaborative work of the artist duo Frederik Nystrup-Larsen (born 1992, DK) & Oliver Sundqvist (born 1991, DK). Their projects up until this point, have been built around a strong conceptual base, on which materials, forms and functions can build from. For this project, they have done away with conceptualising the final form prior to construction, simply allowing the process of making to dictate the end result. This freedom of process has created an almost archetypal construction consisting of structural posts and beams, clad in a series of highly textured cast aluminium panels. Initially produced from polystyrene and tape, each carved mark in the polystyrene and the tape used to stitch them together, has remained in the final cast aluminium form – locking the movement of production into each finished surface. A small pool on top of the form allows the piece a functional grounding – its hefty form presenting an overindulgence in functionality, amply supporting the small birds that will use it to bathe and feed.

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Frederik Nystrup-Larsen & Oliver Sundqvist: 300 KG BEAUTY BATH
17 apr 20215 jun 2021


'Frederik Nystrup-Larsen & Oliver Sundqvist: 300 KG BEAUTY BATH'