Dan Flanagan: New Being
3 jun 202312 aug 2023

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DAN FLANAGAN: Humble, 2023. Pressefoto, V1 Gallery.

Bold gestures flanking open suggestions. Traces of movement in and on the canvas, hands and feet, indicating body reach. Velocity, gravity and intention shaping transient compositions, evolving with the eye and mind of the beholder. Vibrating. Shape shifting. Dan Flanagan’s paintings are radiant entities.

“I’m interested in the “uncanniness” or life or “being-ness” of a painting, unique to the medium, the painting becomes irreducible and more than the sum of its parts. Where all the decisions and processes that went into its creation give way to something more than just an image, but embody a presence, a being, an image that is unfixed, lasting and itself alive”

– Dan Flanagan


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Dan Flanagan: New Being
3 jun 202312 aug 2023


'Dan Flanagan: New Being'