Code Art Fair 2018
30 aug 20182 sep 2018

Code Art Fair is excited to welcome galleries from over twenty countries across five continents to the third edition of its fair. In keeping with its mission to present thought-provoking art that pushes conventional boundaries, galleries have been carefully selected by Code Art Fair’s team of curators. They include König Galerie (Berlin), Nagel Draxler (Berlin), Kukje Gallery (Seoul), Galerie Krinzinger (Vienna) and The Hole (New York). Leading Scandinavian galleries Hans Alf Gallery (Copenhagen), Alice Folker (Copenhagen), Erik Nordenhake (Stockholm) and Galleri Riis (Oslo) will also be taking part.

“At Code Art Fair, our mission includes throwing our support firmly behind emerging artists and the galleries that represent them. We want to give emerging artists the opportunity to express their ideas and support them in ways that go beyond the traditional art fair model. Of course, we’re also eager to engage with more established artists but we want to explore with them new ways of collaborating that are exciting and fresh. At Code Art Fair, we believe you should always remain hungry and curious. That’s why we’re focused on tomorrow rather than today.” – Kristian W. Andersen, Director of Code Art Fair

Code Art Fair 2017. I DO ART Agency

In addition to this year’s outstanding roster of galleries, Code Art Fair is thrilled to unveil an expanded performance program called Performing Identities. The program has been curated by Irene Campolmi. We will also be presenting Code Talks, a series of talks entitled Next Generation and ArtxBrand. The programs are tailored to investigate relevant topics shaping the contemporary art scene as well as our society as a whole. Performing Identities is composed of groundbreaking performances by promising young artists. Visually poetic yet politically charged, the program examines the body as a site of resistance. Irene is also in charge of the Sunday Code Talks program of the same name. The Code Talks program will feature live panels by various international art world actors including artists, curators, museum directors, researchers and gallerists. Finally, Code Cinema will present a film program entitled Borderlands dealing with this same theme in both literal and metaphorical ways including works by Park Chan-Kyong, Felix Kiessling and Hans Op de Beeck.

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Code Art Fair

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Code Art Fair 2018
30 aug 20182 sep 2018


'Code Art Fair 2018'