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BESTSELLER. pro Pressefoto
BESTSELLER. pro Galleri Bo Bjerggaard. Pressefoto

Bestseller is the third exhibition curated by pro The exhibition addresses the issue of commerciality in the art world, speaking into the current discussion of artists’ livelihood and the financial structures in the art world. As an emerging artist you will inevitably be confronted with the question if and how to sell your work – whether you are creating to live or living to create.

By playing with the word bestseller (dict.: a book or other products that sell in very large numbers) pro applies a banal framework from another industry to ask the simple question: Does such a thing, a bestseller, exist in the art world? This question triggers another, more complex question – namely whether the art world can be compared that directly with other industries in an attempt to solve the important issue of artists being able to live of their art.

The ironic title of the show and the comparison with other industries has been the curatorial point of departure and guided the selection of artist: A simple Google Search provided an outdated definition of what a bestseller is in the (painted) arts today*:

– Traditional landscapes
– Local views
– Modern or semi-abstract landscapes
– Abstracts
– Dogs
– Figure studies
– Seascapes, harbour-, and beach scenes
– Wildlife
– Impressionistic landscapes
– Nudes

* Art Business Today’s survey from 2016

Based on this list, 14 artists from Denmark, France, Germany, Greenland, Norway, Sweden and the US were invited to participate in the show, each displaying works in one of the 10 narrow categories listed above, ranging from classical painting to figurative sculptures.

Publication & Salon-talk
In an attempt to explore the many aspects of this complex issue, a publication and salon-talk will be facilitated. During the opening, 19 June, a publication on the exhibited artists and how they are influenced by commerciality will be launched. The publication is produced in collaboration with Det Københavnske forlag Chris & Gulmann and will be available for sale during the exhibition and at selected retailers.

During the second day of the exhibition, 20 June 4.30-6.30 pm a salon-style talk will be held, inviting the audience to engage in this discussion (more details to be announced).

For two days, pro will introduce the new to the established, by exhibiting emerging artists at Galleri Bo Bjerggaard. The exhibition is a temporary experiment replacing regular emptiness with moments of artistic collaborations and new vibrations.

19 June 2019: 4pm – 10pm
20 June 2019: 9am – 7pm
Salon: 20 June 2019, 4.30 – 6.30pm

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