Bernd Hoffmann: Trying to be a sculpture
17 jun 202210 jul 2022

Bernd Hoffmann: Standing figure, glazed ceramic, cold depainted, 81x38x31 cm, 2021. Dump vase-2, glazed ceramic, 25x25x90 cm.

“As a sculptor and drawer I always felt close to the big european and specially Italian art tradition. And also felt a strong connection to the world of the Japanese art tradition. I am interested in the sensual, metaphorical and expressive aspect of materials and in my work and I focus on materials such as ink and paper and glazed ceramics. As an artist I like to deal with the body as an artistic subject matter, finding out that this automatically leads to the aspect of fugacity. It is an eternal round dance which contains a certain rhythm. It consists also of figuration and abstraction. My will to depict bodies and volumina in a complete way also indicates the ephemeral. Both aspects, the ephemeral and the completeness walk together hand in hand and replace each other at the same time”.
Bernd Hoffmann

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Bernd Hoffmann: Trying to be a sculpture
17 jun 202210 jul 2022


'Bernd Hoffmann: Trying to be a sculpture'