Andreas Eriksson: Vävnader, skisser
10 jun 202110 okt 2021

Andreas Eriksson: Weissensee No. 17, 2019. Foto: Hans-Georg Gaul.

In this summer’s exhibition, Andreas Eriksson returns to the museum. At the reopening of Skissernas Museum in 2017, attention was drawn to his eleven meter high painting Stenbrottet for the new Karolinska University Hospital in Solna. Now we welcome the artist back with a larger exhibition. This time the creative process around his textile works is highlighted. Skissernas Museum presents ten large textiles in unbleached linen made in close collaboration with skilled art weavers in Lidköping and Berlin. Through a rich selection of sketches, photographs, and material samples, we get to take part in the time-consuming work. A series of paintings offers additional inputs to Eriksson’s creative process.

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Andreas Eriksson: Vävnader, skisser
10 jun 202110 okt 2021


'Andreas Eriksson: Vävnader, skisser'