A Matter of Fact
4 mar 201718 mar 2017

The poster project A Matter of Fact seeks to collect the artistic tactics and critical language we have seen lately at protests in US and on social media. As an art space in Copenhagen, we want to reach beyond national borders and develop a dialogue against fascism and white supremacy.

Emily Weiner: Hell Toupee, 2017, Print on paper, 29,7 x 21 cm

Deltagende kunstnere:
Adam Cruces
Amy Howden-Chapman
Benjamin Tiven
Cassandra Guan
Chip Thomas
Eleonora Tomlin & Rachel Davis
Emily Weiner
Emmy Liu, Roy Luo, Lina Wu & Shuyi Wang
Eric Wall
Joen Vedel
Mary Tremonte
Johanna Breiding
Matt Siegle
Maya Heckin’ Rudnicki, Rebecca McCulligh & Kiah Francis
Mette Hersoug
Mia Feuer
Micah Schippa
Nico Colón
Salome Oggenfuss
Salomeh Grace
Sarah Petersen
Simone Montemurno
Staci Bu Shea
Tennessee Jones & Nara Wriggs
Tyler Matthew Oyer
Virgil Taylor

Åbningstider er, udover ferniseringsdagen, således:

Torsdag – fredag: 12 – 17
Lørdag: 12 – 15

Kilde: Vermilion Sands

Vermilion Sands

Tagensvej 85, kld.
2200 Copenhagen N

Tor-fre 12-17, lør 12-15


61 30 52 08

A Matter of Fact
4 mar 201718 mar 2017


'A Matter of Fact'